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Systema Talanov training in a swimming pool

Konstantin Yagunkin: I've been scuba diving since 2002. I have  descended over 500 times in different parts of our planet from America to Malaysia. I've been in seacaves over 200 times, and I've dived under ice about 50 times. I'm a qualified Rescue Diver and a certified Full Cave Diver, which gives the opportunity to descend seacaves of any level difficulty.

, Systema Talanov instructor conducts the training "Systema" in a gym and a swimming pool. 

Training in a swimming pool help to develop and master the skills necessary for improving your work with the "Systema". Those include:

- general exercise;

- respiratory exercises;

- exercises to strengthen psychological stability;

- exercises to strengthen vestibular system;

- applicative work.

When swimming in the water a lot more muscles groups are active. The body gets used to working at full force and gets its plasticity.
As the stress gets stronger while swimming, the effect of such workouts is higher than when training in a gym.

Besides when under water there's no chance to breath in accidentally, so the quality of such sessions is also higher.  Under water environment is hostile for human body, which also increases psychological stress and teaches the organism to overcome the stress and become more stress resistant.

When under water human body has more freedom of movement, we can somersault in all of the three dimensions, which of course develops our vestibular system.


While the applicative work, with our partner's impact  we aren't afraid of falling down and get hurt. So it gives us the opportunity to move along with the partner's movement, this way we improve our reaction to the impacts.


Such workouts also help to improve punch technique. As we are in the water, there's no chance to bounce from the floor and punch with our whole body, this way we master the skill of punching with our hand only.

Because of water's high density, we lose the speed of movement and can observe and work on the weak points of the punches. 

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