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Konstantin Yagunkin

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Before starting Systema training, Konstantin played football and ice-hockey. He is a First-Class Sportsman in these sports. He learned about Systema in 1995, when he became Valentin Talanov’s student.

Konstantin is a professional scuba diver with a Full Cave Diver certificate, which means he can descend to underwater caves. The skills he acquired at Systema training often helped him in underwater emergencies, so he could rescue his fellow divers.

Konstantin has been delivering Systema training sessions since 2008. He also assisted to Valentin Talanov at seminars in Tallinn, Helsinki, Tomsk. He gave international seminars in Tallinn.

He conducts Systema training sessions in a gym and in a swimming pool as well. To learn more about the training, follow this link: Systema Training in a Swimming Pool [].

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