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Julien Micollet

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Julien Micollet: I started in the early 90's, I practiced English Boxing and Muay Thaï and then I discovered Yoseikan. While continuing to train myself in this discipline, I discovered "Essence of Change" around 2000,  which is a mix of three major Chinese martial arts : hsing-i, pakua and tai chi. Very effective in defending fighting, this style leaves much room to work around health. I have continued to train myself until 2011 on this aspect (Qi-qong). I taught Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts from 2007 to 2012 .

I started Systema in 2009 with Jérôme Kadian. I have participated to several seminars, and I went to train to Toronto. I became Instructor in 2012 and opened my school immediately after. I discovered Valentin in Paris invited by J Kadian.
Very impressed by his work, since then I won't miss an opportunity to train with him, I have been to Tver during the IDC1 and IDC2 to see him, but also in his school in Moscow. He will certify me as an instructor in October 2015.

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