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Paris, France
16 - 20 FEBRUARY

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Open to instructors and senior students with instructor’s recommendation.

6 days/7 night, 2 training session a day, each three hours long (30 hours total) exploring the foundations of Systema. One day break from training with the optional excursion to Tallinn or day rest with banya.

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We know that the key principles in Systema are breathing and movement, but not many know how to incorporate this into your training. If you are looking to understand why your systema is not as effective as you wish, if you fall back on your old arsenal of strength and technique when under stress, if you freeze when you see a knife, or when faced with a full speed attack in the street, if you think we only train slow and soft – perhaps you are ready to face the new challenges of real Systema training.

This event is aiming to educate, rather than entertain, there will be exams, and in the end, you will get a road map on how to develop YOUR Systema, and how to present it to your students.


Small group, advanced students, deep dive into fundamentals of Systema.

We will cover the fundamentals of breathing and movement in a variety of circumstances. Major emphasis is given to the movement on the floor, i.e. the correct formation of the body. The rehabilitation practices are also learned.

At the first stage instructors-to-be also learn the correct striking methodologies – how and where to hit and how to receive a strike.
They will work with a knife and with a stick. When working with a knife the technical and the psychological aspects are considered. The stick is used as learning aide that assists the students in learning the correct movement principles.
Each subject of the first stage has a logical and methodical progression, which allows the students to rely on this knowledge and to lead the training correctly in their groups and schools.

At the first stage the students take 8 tests, with the subsequent analysis of the work done.
Upon completion of the first stage, the students receive a certificate about passing IDC-1 course and are added to the database of the school where the hours of instruction are registered and their educational progress is tracked.

After completing IDC-1, we recommend the students use the knowledge obtained in this course in their regular classes, this will help them to absorb and strengthen the skills received.

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