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Jon Bear Baldvinsson

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Jon Bear Baldvinsson:  "I myself have trained Maui-thai and Kickboxing for 9 years, which then led me to a 10 year work on Bujinkan Ninjustu. Respectfully I received a 3rd Dan Blackbelt. I began my research into Systema 4 years ago and started applying Talanov´s teaching methodology 1 and a half years ago after attending the Instructor development course IDC1 in London.
My class has been given a wealth of information and guidance from various practitioners and Instructors of Systema Talanov. The quest for this journey has only began with very exciting times a head.
I welcome all to my class, I thrive for new approaches and respect all practitioners experience. The system becomes your life which you take with you forever, we all decide how far we want to go as martial artists".
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