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STRIKES. Seminar in Hamburg/Pinneberg, February 2016


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"Strikes". Seminar held in Hamburg/Pinneberg, on February 27-28, 2016.

Strikes are one of the main aspects of martial arts. How to learn to deliver powerful and effective strikes? Do you want to learn how to engage the necessary muscle for strikes?

How to resist using strikes against boxers and wrestlers? A very important aspect when striking is a psychological aspect. How to achieve a correct state for striking? How to strike while the movement?

As you know the most effective are unexpected and unseen strikes, Do you want to learn this? Precision in strikes is very important aspect, how to achieve this? What are relaxing strikes and how to apply them for your health? How to get rid of the fear of attacks and prepare the mind and the body for proper strikes taking? How to confront multiple attackers using strikes?

The principles of using consecutive engagement of the muscles to increase the power of the strikes. Elements of  breath work. Proper and soft movement on the feet. Short and invisible strikes. Work against strikes.

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