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Systema-Antistress with Valentin Talanov.


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"Systema-Antistress" is based on the principles of the Systema, includes breathing practices, slow dynamic exercises, exercises for relaxation. Our course will be useful for both beginners and advanced Systema practitioners-helps learn to control your body and control the emotions, better understanding foundations of the Systema, will help to develop sensitivity and increase the physical abilities of the body. 

Systema-Antistress contains a lot of special physical exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, joints and ligaments, increasing their mobility, flexibility and elasticity. Will help you manage old injuries and age-related changes. 

Our program has no restrictions on age or physical training 


Systema Talanov allways ready to support you in your study and development.

Copyright of this material belongs to Systema Talanov. Please feel free to watch and use it in your training. Please don’t give this material out to anyone else.

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