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Anti-stress programme and health-improving practice.

Systema Talanov's main objective is health improvement: we teach unique tailor-made methods, that are popular in European countries, we give you the instrument that helps you to become stronger, healthier and more successful than most of your agemates.

Life isn't always successful, but stressful as well, that stress stores and "sticks" within every system of our organisms.

Add to it sedentary lifestyle and you'll get what bothers most of our compatriots: chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, depression, quick temper and hypochondria. If you don't do anything about it, the list'll also include high blood pressure, sexual vigour problems, overweight. Attend our workouts and master the health-improving practice with Valentin Talanov, one of the best coaches on Systema that is based on breath control.

  • There are no age or physical culture restrictions. The practice shows great results with different groups of people from professional sportsmen to ordinary people.
  • The program is based on Slavic breath control practices that can be applied with various kind of stress - physical and psyco-emotional.
  • There are Schools in England, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Holland, Iceland, Italy and Russia (Moscow, Tver, Sevastopol) that apply our methods.
  • There is a wide range of special physical exercises that are aimed to strengthen muscles, joints and cords, and to improve their elasticity.

Among the people who mastered the anti-stress practice and apply it every day are people of big cities, who value healthy lifestyle, businessmen, scientists, artists.

While practising with us our patients get rid of disstress and outer pressure, which makes theim feel happier and younger, a lot of people regain the talents they almost gave up on because of everyday stress.

Our exercises change postural balance and start self-regenerating mechanisms of your organisms. We suggest not only putting away pressure of your body and feelings, we offer you a new quality of life!

  • In our classes you'll learn to manage your body and relax.
  • You'll become more energetic and forget about tiredness and chronic fatigue.
  • Your sleep will become better, the tension in your body will go away and your nerve and vessel systems will become stronger.
  • You'll be able to overcome your temper and aggression.

Valentin Talanov's Anti-stress practice will show you an absolutely new quality of life - bright, inviting, energetic, full of new emotions and achievements.

We'll teach you the method that'll help you to get rid of tension and minimise daily pressure of your social life.
Everyone can try our method and attend one free session.

To sign up for your free trial session please contact: 8 (800) 500-93-65

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