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Systema Talanov Instructor Development Courses

One of the main areas of focus of our organisation, Systema Talanov, is increasing the level of understanding of Systema, and giving people the confidence in their skills. Confidence comes from real understanding of what you do, from the knowledge that becomes yours and comes out in your own work, rather than you trying to imitate someone else.
This is why we dedicate so much time to developing our instructors. This will make our methodology more accessible to the public, and will increase the overall quality of martial artists, whatever style they choose to practice.
Not everyone wants to become an instructor, for many, simply increasing their own level of understanding, and the depth of their knowledge is sufficient. For these advanced students, IDC course will also be of great benefit- they simply opt out of the instructor exam.
Our goal is to improve the quality of instructor’s own ability, the quality of his instruction, and the rating (status) of the instructor as well. This is a difficult certification to obtain, and those who get through the programme will stand out from the crowd.
The learning occurs in a few stages.

First stage. Instructor Development Course level 1 (IDC-1).

5 days long, two training sessions a day, each three hours long (30 hours altogether). There is a possibility of breaking this course down into two seminars, each 15 hours long.
We will cover the fundamentals of breathing and movement in a variety of circumstances. Major emphasis is given to the movement on the floor, i.e. the correct formation of the body. The rehabilitation practices are also learned.
At the first stage instructors-to-be also learn the correct striking methodologies – how and where to hit and how to receive a strike.
They will work with a knife and with a stick. When working with a knife the technical and the psychological aspects are considered. The stick is used as learning aide that assists the students in learning the correct movement principles.
Each subject of the first stage has a logical and methodical progression, which allows the students to rely on this knowledge and to lead the training correctly in their groups and schools.
At the first stage the students take 8 tests, with the subsequent analysis of the work done.
Upon completion of the first stage, the students receive a certificate about passing IDC-1 course and are added to the database of the school where the hours of instruction are registered and their educational progress is tracked.
After completing IDC-1, we recommend the students use the knowledge obtained in this course in their regular classes, this will help them to absorb and strengthen the skills received.
Video from IDC 1:

Second stage. Instructor Development Course level2 (IDC-2).

5 days long, two training sessions a day, each three hours long (30 hours altogether). There is a possibility of breaking this course down into two seminars, each 15 hours long.
With the foundation in place, the participants are ready for a deeper dive into the practical applications. For example, we will learn to apply the strikes against the grappling attacks, practice more using the kicks, and will continue to work with a variety of objects, like the stick, the rope and the chain. At this point the speed of the work increases, and we model more situations that are quite close to reality.
At the second stage the students take 9 tests, with the subsequent analysis of the work done.
When completing the second stage, the students receive a certificate about passing IDC-2 course and their achievements are added to our database.
After completion of IDC-1 and 2, we strongly recommend an apprenticeship with an established instructor.
Video from IDC 2:

Testimonials about IDC2:

Third stage. Instructor Evaluation prep and the exam (IE).

The preparation for the exam is two days long. We go over the finer aspects of teaching and presenting, answer any questions and prepare you for a variety of scenarios that you will encounter on the IE.
A panel of certified instructors under the supervision of Valentin Talanov will evaluate the candidate’s performance.
Exam consists of two parts.
The first is when the student is teaching a class, working with the group on the subject he is given.
We consider the knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to explain and present, structure of the class, confidence in leading the class, and the logical conclusion to the class.
The exam is assessed by experienced instructors.
In the second part we ask the candidate to show work with or against a partner in a variety of scenarios, approaching reality.
Candidates will be tested on empty hand work, and work with different items.
The exam is assessed by experienced instructors. Based on the results of the two exams the panel will provide feedback on the performance, and issue a decision whether to grant the status of the instructor of Systema Talanov.
Video from Exam:

The certificate has no expiration date and does not need to be renewed thereafter.

There are also speciality courses that instructor can take, achieving a rating of a Specialist in a subject of Knife, Massage and healing, Bodyguarding, etc.
This gives instructors a clear path to progress and improve; we hope it will motivate them to continue learning and evolving.
Some instructors will be invited to cooperate with Systema Talanov organisation, and to teach seminars and IDC classes in their area.
Should the instructor choose to teach Systema Talanov curriculum explicitly, there will be regular QA checks, and access to our exclusive training materials will be provided.
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