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New sports technology. Football.

Valentin Talanov worked with FC "Strogino", Department of beach soccer. As a result of applying our method, the team became the champion of Russia, winner of the Cup of Russia. The players on the team Strogino was the basis of Russian national team on beach football – Roman Zaikin, Egor Eremeev, Alexey Makarov. The team repeatedly became the World champion and Europe champion.

Systema Talanov Football
Before you start working with athletes, we should identify the problems faced by athletes and the coaching staff in the training process and during competitions.

We need to understand how and  with which methods they solve that problems. Was or was not, the dynamics in resolving problems and based on the analysis to offer our method. 


If we ask any coach: what criteria do you evaluate a talented player?

Everyone will tell you that a talented player have big freedom of movements and flexibility in the body. From this, his mind more stable, his technique of possession is different from other players. It takes unconventional decisions in the game, etc


Each of the coaches convinced that it is a natural quality, that is, those that laid in the nature and therefore, such a player stands out from the general mass of players.

It is the opinion of most coaches that we had to communicate.



"For my long coaching career I had to work with a large group of great coaches like Tarasov, Lobanovsky, Bazilevich, Shesternev, Morozov. And each coach had its own system, which meant as functional training, and technical, tactical, command.

When i met with Valentin  Talanov, I realized that Valentin, too, has a System that focused on several  kind activities.

If we are talking about football right now is primarily working with correct breathing,  deep power-stretching, exercises increased coordination, wich necessary for beach football.

All  our  players worked by this System and have achieved great success. All warm-up exercises  was taught by Valentin before  the main part, when engaged professional  football activities.

Valentine has a great relationship with the players, guys love him very much, and very pleased with his training.

In addition to this system, there are exercises that many top athletes use now, to get relaxation and how to recover quickly after workloads. Simply put - the System of breathing,  breath holds, which helps a player to recover faster.

Therefore, I believe that is effective, and  I call this a System. I offered to work with the System to our Academy.

I have also my own system in football. And I worked for many years in big football. I believe that this System should be used since childhood.

First, to teach the child to breathe correctly. We have 99% of the boys not breathing properly. If we say now that these guys know that  is necessary to inhale through the nose  and  exhale through the mouth, and  exercises should be done , the same on the exhale, for example when they hit to the ball.  And before that, on  trainings in school, I  didn't  seen this approach, although that is very important.

Second, our Slavic origin, so-called, "brake", I mean that we have an underdeveloped hip joint, not enough mobility, and we have to accommodate somehow clumsy. Although you can safely work due to the high mobility in the hip joint and then was developed  by Valentine, when used in training a lot of exercises, in which the player could  safely handle, hit, stop the ball.

The third point, of course, strength training should be for each age separately. Including jumping exercises, especially the work on the sand.

From practice 10 years of experience in the sand I can say for sure that the foot of the beach football players and of players from big football, are totally different. the foot in beach football, stronger, have more mobility, because we work mostly on the toes, because if we work full foot, we get stuck in the sand, so for that need to include additional resources, associated with the ankle joint, knee joint. And as i saw  for a large amount of time, there were very few physical injuries associated with the training process. Because this System allowed to prepare the children to avoid these injuries.

So for children, I believe it is necessary in pre-measured sizes for each age, necessarily, at least once a week, playing in the sand. In addition to foot, it helps to strengthens the calf muscles, the hip muscles.

Most importantly, nobody paid attention that in the training of beach players a lot of time working, in addition to the musculoskeletal system, the muscles of the back. With Valentin we before and after each training, done exercises to strengthen  back and stomach muscles, because these two large muscle groups that control our body. If we know how to control our body, it helps to coordinate the movements better, and power set exercises we perform better, for example somersaults, rolls.

Therefore, I think, to further progress in development of children's football, we need a system of work on the sand. And in addition, must include breathing exercises, various stretches, swimming. When we were Champions of Russia, we have a lot of time devoted to special work with the Olympic Champions in acrobatics. After that  have all our guys was able to do salto from the static position. Within six months, we have learned to do saltos, learn to hit the ball in fallings without fears. That's all you need to organize, to put in proper form not only from the standpoint of some specific knowledge for one kind of football, mini-football, beach football, but generally for recreation and for development. See how many beaches in Russia. Volleyball strongly developed, two by two, but  football not enough.

To end of my little interview, I would like to say that i a lot had to be  in Spain, Brazil, Italy.  Especially  Brazilian Spanish players on the shores of their seas, all the players came out of the beach football: Zico, and Ronaldo, and others. There was such a stages: beach football, mini-football, big football, the gradual elimination, in the result someone came to big football and became a great master.

An important factor that we not use enough, we do not pay attention to the relaxation, recovery after workloads. After training, the Spanish and Brazilian  players went  to the ocean, to the sea, stood on the hips in the water and in 10-15 minutes the waves of the sea, salt relaxes the muscles, joints relax, scratches healed.

Unfortunately, not enough scientific work, especially in Russia. There are in Switzerland, in Brazil, in Spain. But we, unfortunately, are very few. To say that we are focused on beach soccer, with no time work on the sand during the winter, this is a very big minus. Saint Petersburg 5 years ago built this arena, and they are ahead of us in this. All their teams work all year on the sand. So they are now have a lot players in national team, and 3-4 strong teams and the brazilian players comes to play there. That is, for them, it's comfortable when in winter they have possibilities to play on the sand. And we train for 4 months on sand and 8 months on the hard surface. This is completely wrong. Therefore, in our program, as our President said, Sergey V. Anokhin, that within 3 years we will change the training system, build an arena, build the second field, and the focus will be the teaching of our young people, so less we have legionaries, and more time devoted to raising our young players

I think there will come those times when we will be able to systematically fully fund all of this, to create this System to build a variety of groups of stations, so that they gradually had different goals-foot, thigh, hips, back, abs, and then proceed to the work  with ball. Such work is very necessary. If i been director or president, I would did that immediately. Because to have a lot of knowledges and not to use, is a crime.


And like over the years that I worked with Valentin Talanov, to thank him, and hope he continue to be focused on our sport – football. He loves beach football. We had very close friendly relations, I think we will not stop at that."


Buru - Venicius Ribeiro:
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup winner: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL) winner : 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011
Mundialito winner: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011
Copa Latina winner: 2005, 2006, 2009
Beach Soccer MVP: 2007
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Top Scorer Golden Ball (MVP): 2007
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Top Scorer Golden Shoe (Top Scorer): 2007
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Top Scorer Bronze Shoe (Top Scorer): 2009
Mundialito MVP: 2006

Systema Talanov Buru

"I want to leave here my record of Valetin Talanov training system.

- a highly effective system which has achieved great results in russian championship games of beach soccer;
- improvement in respiratory capacity;
- body balance;
- increased muscle power;
- providing better welfare and a better performance in the inside de field.

Indicate to all athletes of all sports."

Systema Talanov Buru

Interview with Roman Zaikin, the World champion in beach soccer.
Systema Talanov Football

36 years old,  practicing football since 8 years, from 1996 to 2009 played in mini-football, since 2009 in beach soccer. Honored master of sports, World champion 2011, Winner of the Intercontinental Cup 2011, Euroleague winner 2011, Winner of the Cup of Europe 2010 and 2012, 3-time champion of Russia, Winner of Cup and super Cup of Russia. ( all beach football)

Systema Talanov Football 

I worked for several years with Valentin by his method and i have positive attitude to it. The program that was offered to us by Valentin, particularly breathing exercises, combined with stretching exercises in the warm-up portion of the exercise, very well contributed to the good preparation for the main part of the workout, increase overall health, functional possibilities of athletes, a good adaptation of the to stress, which led to a good result for the whole team and players individually.


I recommend trainings by the system of Valentin Talanov  to other athletes, because I believe that this will help them to reach a new level of their skill and achieve higher sport results.
Systema Talanov Football

Interview with Nikita Kazantsev, football player "Dynamo Barnaul".

Nikita Kazantsev, has been playing football since he was 11 years old. Playing for football club "Strogino", met with Valentin Talanov and his methodology for athletes and football players. 

Systema Talanov Football

The methodology was very different from anything what we done before in the training process. Gradually we became to understanding of the usefulness this methodology, the feeling of faster recovery after workloads, the body became more flexible which undoubtedly makes better quality of work with the ball.

It was difficult to learn how to combine breathing with the movement, and to understand why this is necessary. After during games or trainings, when we get hits to the legs, the body, by applying this knowledges the recovery process has been much faster, and reduced the number of injuries.

Certain exercises with the proper breathing very well affect the psyche of the athletes and helps to relieve the tensions which is accumulated in the period of hard training or games.

Nikita Kazantsev: I apply the methodology of Valentin Talanov as a professional athlete and share with your colleagues.
I'm sure that is useful not only for football players but also for athletes from other sports. Especially if training starts at early age and its build a strong foundation for the body, teaches for proper breathing, thinking.

The methodology of Valentin Talanov helps to athletes achieve good results and increases the duration of the performances on a high professional level

For more information about training with athletes please contact us.

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