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New sports technology. Windsurfing.

Windsurfing is a complicated sport, which is requires multilateral training for the athletes. In addition to the physical, mental, tactical, technical and coordinating components, the athletes must have knowledge in the field of aero- and hydrodynamics, meteorology and specific racing rules of sailing. Windsurfer works in severe weather conditions with a large number of rivals (up to 90 participants at one start). Using hard-coordinating maneuvers, athlete needs to count several variants of passage a distance for each race, like a chess player. Also, he needs to change tactic depending on wind strength, direction and gusts. One week of competition includes up to 12 races.

Systema Talanov Surfing
During the training and competitive processes, in consequence of high physical and emotional loads, windsurfers accumulate tension and blocks in all body structures. Also, each athlete has different problems in the daily life, that creates body tensions. Which are collected and can lead to errors in competitions, to various body disorders and diseases.

All areas of our life, emotional and physical body states are closely connected, therefore, we remove tensions, stabilize the psyche and reduce its susceptibility to external irritations, for successful development in sport, as in any activities.

There are a lot of problems in the windsurfers training process. By applying the methodology of Valentin Talanov, you can solve many of them.

During 4 months preparation of leading group athletes in school No. 26 (Moscow sports department), we used some of the special physical and breathing exercises, plus massage. Also our windsurfers attending classes of "Systema Talanov", with big pleasure. All the innovations brings good results to the physical abilities, and most importantly to the state of mind of the students. The athletes got rid of some tensions and got more freedom in body movements. Now they doing less unnecessary movements, have more self confidence and their maneuvering became more clearly. Athletes psyche is more stable, they have less irritability, short temper and negative reactions.

Application of methods of "the Systema Talanov" in the training process:

1.Warm-up / morning exercises - breathing exercises, ground movement and groundwork with partner, static exercises for the musculoskeletal system, customizing the training process, simulation of work in conflict situations in the race (to remove emotions), for example, contact technics with different partners (pushes, strikes).

2.The main training part — the combination of movements with special breathing, during the maneuvering, relaxation of unnecessary muscle groups, working with pre-start conditions and difficult moments of race, tensions relief through breathing exercises.

3.The final training part - stretching, massage, "debriefing", where every student analyzes the training and shares his impressions and wishes in addition to coach.

Our achievements.

Tatyana Zhuravleva - Multiple Champion of Russia, in different classes, Master of sports in windsurfing. Multiple winner of various windsurf Cups, Championships and Marathons. She start windsurfing at age 6. Tatyana Graduated Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St.-Petersburg.
She works as coach for 8 years, starting from 2008. Tatiana’s students had first high results at School of Olympic Reserve (Krasnodar region) from 2010 till 2014.; She started as usual surf-instructor in 2005. Also, she can teach many kinds of watersports: surfing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, kitesurfing, snowkiting…
Now Tatiana works as a coach at Moscow school of sports 26 (Moskomsport).!untitled/c1s06

Systema Talanov SurfingSystema Talanov Surfing

Tatyana’s Students:
winners of World and Europa Championships, Russian Championships and Cups in different classes of windsurfing.

Elfutina Stefania
–was trained by Tatiana Zhuravleva in Yeysk. She won her first World Championship in the international junior class Bic Techno293. Stefania is the multiple winner of Cups, Championships and World Championships. Since 2014 she racing in the Olympic class -RS: X. And Stefania wins every competition, where participates. In July 2016 she goes to Rio for the Olympic Games.


 Systema Talanov Surfing

Bekmuratova Dana and Reznikova Yana.
They race in junior international class Bic Techno 293. Girls won Russian Cups and Championships. Dana took the 3rd place at the World Championship in November 2015. Yana was good at the Russian Cup in May 2016. She took the 2nd place among boys, and was first among girls, far ahead of the other participants.

Systema Talanov Surfing

Mariam Sehposyan
– was student of Tatiana Zhuravleva for 2 years. She is multiple winner of Russian Cups and Championships. Mariam took 1st place at Bic Techno 293 European Championship in 2013, Usualy, she was close to the pedestal, and took 4 places at World Championships. In 2014, Mariam was third at the World RS:X Cup in France and won silver medal at Youth Olympic Games in China at the same year. Now she participates in the Olympic class – RS:X, and she won the International Youth Cup 2015 in France.

Systema Talaniv Surfing
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