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Payment and Shipping

Payment is performed according to a chosen delivery method:

Payment method


Video goods

Internet shop Sistema Talanov operates with full prepayment for video files. After the payment is processed we send a message to your email address with the link to download the video file.  The link is active within 2 days. ….


Knives, clothes, other


Payment by cash 

In case you choose courier delivery within Moscow you pay by cash to the courier  with the completion of all the required paperwork (sale receipt, warranty sheet etc.) 


Payment via credit/debit card

Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number) is absolutely confidential and cannot be disposed. Your credit card data are transferred enciphered and are not kept on our web-server saved on our web-server.


Your online payment is secured by acquirer bank. All operations are performed in compliance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. Your information is secured by special technologies on security of online payments, data processing is highly secured on by encryption technologies.

If you have any questions on the security of your payments by credit/debit cards please contact bank’s customer support for details..


On login page enter your card number, owner’s name, expire data, verification number (CVV2 for VISA cards or CVC2 for MasterCard). All data are printed on your card. You’ll find the verification number (three figures) on the backside of your card.


You’ll be automatically directed to a secure payment page once you choose this payment method.


Payment should be processed within 15 minutes after you are directed to a payment page.


The transaction might take about 40 seconds. Wait until the operation is complete. Please don’t press “Pay” repeatedly.


The payment is transferred in online time mode and enlisted within 15 minutes.


Delivery within Moscow

The delivery is processed by courier company UniExpress. 

In case you choose courier delivery within Moscow you pay by cash to the courier  with the completion all the required paperwork (sale receipt, warranty sheet etc.)  A courier  doesn’t consult on products. 

Standard delivery fee is 300 rub. Day and time of delivery is agreed with a customer. Delivery is within 1-2 working days.. 

Delivery is processed on working days from 10:00 to 18:00.  Special terms are agreed individually.

Delivery within Moscow and beyond Moscow Ring Road

Delivery  fee beyond Moscow Ring Road is 450 rub. Delivery fee within Moscow region is agreed individually.

Delivery within Russian Federation

Delivery within Russian Federation is processed by courier department of EMS Russian Post.

Delivery can also be processed by SPSR-Express courier service. 


When choosing SPSR-express please make sure the company operates in your location. 

Online shop is not responsible for the failure to deliver the goods within the delivery period and renders assistance in managing situations with delays, losses, package integrity damage, return or readdressing.


Prepayment is performed according to the payment method chosen by a customer Delivery fee is shown in your receipt allong with manager's comment on payment method. An order is shipped within 24 hours (exept for weekends and holidays) after the payment appears on the seller's account.. Once your order is shipped we send you an email with a tracking number and a courier company's name.


Disputes and refunds


Service rules and firm offer are available for acknowlegement on the website.

You can leave a feedback or start a dispute or require refund or ask questions by contacting:



Corporate details:

LLC "Systema Talanov"

MRSN 1157746920605

27/29 Pavlovskaya street, 115093, Moscow, Russian Federation


Phone no.: 8 800 550-93-65

Phone calls are received 7 days a week.: from 8:00 untill 20:00.

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