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Russian Martial Art Systema Talanov

Systema is a universal type of martial arts which includes different areas of training: self-defense, personal safety, psychological preparation for combat and emergency situations.


Systema Talanov students learn self-defense techniques against multiple opponents, including fighting scenarios when a stabbing weapon is used.

In class you can find yourself in true-to-life situations, such as attacks in a confined space, e.g. in a lift or a car.

Applying the fighting technique increases your mental stamina and your ability to cope with stress, which is an inescapable part of a modern big city life.

Valentin Talanov [] is the founder of the school and the teaching method and an expert in Systema (a Russian martial art). He started his career in sports as a boxer and has been teaching martial arts for more than 30 years.

Valentin Talanov’s  method has been successfully implemented in professional sports (football, wind-surfing, martial arts).

Interview with Buru (Venicius Ribeiro), a multiple world beach soccer champion, who has been on Valentin Talanov’s training course. []


Valentin Talanov has devised an Instructor Development Course. It aims at improving instructor’s proficiency and performance and raising their status as well. We are proud of all our instructors at Systema Talanov and consider them to be top-level international trainers. To learn more about Systema Talanov Instructor Development Course, follow this link []

Interview VT

When you learn any skill it’s highly important to follow a methodology. We offer our students clear, well adjusted methods of training, including phased mastering of various exercises and elements, with detailed explanations and analysis, without any air of mystery or mysticism and detachment from reality. This allows you to learn the material under study, to consolidate your knowledge in practice and to progress rapidly.

The Systema is based on breathing and movement. Breathing is a very powerful tool that helps us with intensive training, during recovery and with the control of our psychological state under different circumstances.

Power, speed, reaction time have their limits, especially with age. Movement on the other hand has no limits. That is why the Systema finds it crucial to use the right move depending on the task at hand.

It is essential for breathing and movement to be combined. This is the most important principle of the Systema.

The technical part of the Systema involves punching techniques, with arms and legs, fighting, dealing with multiple attackers, acting with weapons and against weapons. This all is not based on stereotypical and dull polishing up of specific techniques. Everything is based on principles that allow you to perform any operations. Much attention is paid to personal safety; we teach our students how to take and turn a punch, get out of dangerous positions, to fall safely and gently, and tumble and move on the floor, which builds up well both body and mind and gives us confidence in combat situations and in everyday life.

The psychological aspect is very important as well. Most people, being attacked or in various emergency situations or conflicts, follow the lead of their emotions and fears. This affects their breathing rhythm, increases blood pressure, and disrupts normal body rhythms. This person finds him/herself in a so-called stumped situation, looses proper perception and assessment of the situation, leading to disastrous consequences. Our goal is to teach our students to be resistant to various stresses and influences. We teach how to control our mind with the help of the right breathing. Breathing allows you to stay calm, deal with fears, remove internal barriers and blocks acquired earlier in life.

We are very interested in the progress of our students. Therefore, during training and seminars, we often test our students on specific topics. We simulate situations close to real life. This allows correcting mistakes, analyzing students’ actions, and following their progress. That, in turn, gives our students confidence and makes them ready for any non-standard and dangerous situations.

Systema Talanov training is regularly held by Valentin Talanov, the founder of the method, and also by his students, internationally recognized instructors with considerable training experience. Classes at Moscow school are held five days a week, two training sessions a day. One-on-one training is available with a personal instructor.

Students and instructors attend regular seminars on different aspects of the Systema Talanov method.

To find out more about the instructors, schedule of classes and seminars, go to the schools [] section of our website.

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