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What is systema?

Systema in Life

The Systema is primarily a human science. It covers human behavior in the society, man’s behavior in emergency situations, man’s ability to manage his state of mind, his nervous system, his body in different situations.

We consider human behavior taken as a whole, not only just its one narrow aspect, such as self-defense, for example. Using the Systema, we can show you and teach you how to develop the qualities that will help you to navigate in any circumstances and will help you to find a way out of any situation.

From our site you will learn how to use the Systema to improve your health; the practical application of the Systema (that is self-defense); how you can apply knowledge of the Systema in sports, work with children and in other areas.

Following the Systema primarily involves learning the basic foundation, without which a man would not be able to train productively and to progress. The Systema is based on breathing and movement. Many people don’t take breathing very seriously, not realizing how crucial it can be. It is highly important for the practical application (self-defense), as it particularly requires combining the technical and the psychological aspects. It happens that people, who train in the gym quite successfully, cannot repeat the same moves in a real life situation. Psychologically these people are not ready for such a task. For our nervous system to be more flexible and be ready for proper operation and work in non-standard situations, so that we could act and make balanced decisions, it is very important to practice breathing.

We emphasize on the basis of the Systema as we see it as our priority. It is impossible to successfully advance both in the Systema and in real life without the basics, without fundamental knowledge.

It does not matter whether a person is training to prepare him/her for an event or for personal safety, or they like to do it for their own health, the foundation is still the same for everybody.

Methodology is very important in any matter.
One of the focus areas of our work is to share clear methods with the people so that they could understand what they are doing and what happens to them in the course of training. When a person knows the methods, he understands where to go and sees a clear goal to strive.
Also, when a person has an understanding, he is confident in what he is doing. He has no doubts that hinder development. Any doubts eventually rise to an aggression in a critical situation.

One of our goals is for a person engaged in the Systema not to be aggressive. Aggression is a type of emotion that damages the nervous system and health, and makes a person commit a lot of mistakes, which he regrets later.

The unity and connection of the mind and the body is fundamental in the Systema.

The body is a reflection of the mind and the mind affects the body. We work through the body and through the mind. Two areas are joined together in simulations of certain situations.

We are now seeing a lot of statements on the Internet about insolvency of the Systema, in particular, that the Systema does not work in real life, and training seems nongenuine. These statements do not reflect reality, in the first place because the ability to apply this knowledge in life depends on the preparation of the person himself. One of our goals is to provide the methodology and sufficient and clear information for successful teaching and learning.
This will increase the level of both instructors and students.

Great attention in our school will be paid to training instructors. There will be separate training sessions and seminars to enhance their knowledge and skills arranged specifically for them.

Systema and Sports.

We have great respect for all martial arts and sports, which do not destroy the man as a personality.
It is great work, physical and emotional, and a difficult path of development.

We cooperate with everybody and welcome everybody who is interested in the Systema, taken as a whole as a school or just in some specific methods (such as actions against weapons, punching techniques, or any other methods of the Systema).

Based on the Systema knowledge, we can help athletes to be more successful in their sports, including competitions. We have experience of implementing the methods and principles of the Systema with excellent results for boxers, sambo wrestlers, and judokas. We can also specifically prepare athletes by training them for a particular athletic goal.

In sports, we encounter, first of all, problems of the mind: because of extremely heavy loads athletes’ mentality is unstable, which leads to making incorrect decisions. Using the Systema and in particular working with mind will make athletes more resistant to stress.
Also, by developing a greater freedom in the body, we can help athletes to use their body more easily and therefore successfully, and in particular, to increase the accuracy and the speed of movement.

The Systema knowledge and training allow athletes to improve not the specific highly specialized skills, but their others professional qualities. For example, soccer players can feel more at ease on the field, and move better than the others due to the Systema.

Therefore, they are more resistant to wrong decisions of other participants in the game, and it allows winning by a greater stability of mind and greater freedom of the body movement. This experience is based on work with beach soccer players and field soccer players.

In sports our goal is to remove the existing problems. In team sports we address also the issue of team psychology to achieve team work as a single body, so that everyone can replace each other.

In individual sports we help athletes to develop qualities such as the ability to control their own body and the ability to keep mental stability in non-standard situations.

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